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Find the perfect fit...

… by researching and creating a detailed profile of your ideal customer

  45 Minutes      100% Free

Understand your target market

Document your target market and drill down to the individual industries which fit perfectly with your product or service

your ideal customer profile contains your target market
notable attributes of your ideal customer profile

Hone in for a detailed view

Learn what types of organizations are best-suited to buy from you with clear guidance on the traits that guarantee a match made in heaven

Visualize your ideal buyer

Improve your understanding of how to serve your ideal buyer by describing them in a research-driven persona document

the buyer persona is part of the ideal customer profile
an empathy map is a part of a buyer persona

Learn your buyer's intent

Get into your buyer’s shoes and figure out what they’re thinking with empathy maps that shine light on their psychology and pain points

portrait of Koala Rank founder Arrigo Lupori

Hey, I'm Arrigo.
Need any help?

Don't rely on just intuition

Document and visualize your ideal customer profile for leads that convert into business

  45 Minutes      100% Free

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