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Guest Writing for Koala Rank

Koala Rank is built on creating and promoting amazing content. This means that we have a commitment and a responsibility to go above and beyond with our content creation process. We want to create content that resonates with our audience persona and which helps them grow effectively.


Note that “effectively” does not mean faster sometimes. That’s why our motto is to “build your online audience faster better,” which goes in line with our company mission to “build online audiences that care about your brand”. Long story short, our blog is important to us, and we have high expectations.


If you want to get featured on our blog just because you want a backlink to your website, or if you want to get featured with us just because you want to get out there in front of a wider audience and enhance your reputation, please look elsewhere. We can spot a bad piece of content in a matter of seconds.


Looking to write content that serves as a way to help people grow their small B2B firm instead? Then you’re more than welcome to send us an email with your best writing—SEO research and search intent analysis included. We do not give out tips and tricks on how to get featured with us.


If you want to learn more about how we write, feel free to browse our blog and get a sense for what we like and what we don’t like. In the following sections, you will get a rundown of best practices as well but it doesn’t hurt to read one of our pieces in case you’re serious about writing for us.


All content on our blog should answer one fundamental question for our audience persona in the first few lines: “Will reading this provide real-life business value to my small B2B firm?” Try and answer this question quickly so that readers can move on to the details as they scroll the page.

Our audience persona and writing guidelines

We have only one audience persona. We do not currently write for multiple types of people. Instead, we focus on one type of person: the founder of a small B2B firm. Here is how to write for them:

1. Get to the point

Nobody wants to read blog posts that go on and on forever. Just get to it. Give our audience the answer to their question, then elaborate. If they’re interested in the topic, they will keep reading, and they’ll highly appreciate the author of the post not wasting their time.

2. Deliver unique value in your writing

Don’t just write because you “have” to; deliver unique value in your writing. Be it from your personal experience, a project that you worked on in the past, or an educated guess, give our audience a unique spin on the topic, but don’t start ranting or bringing in heavy opinions.

3. Be candid and share your expertise naturally

Write in first person. This connects the audience with your writing, and with the fact that you’re a professional in the field of content marketing. If relevant, let them know something about your professional life, but get back to the topic immediately after. Be candid in your storytelling.

4. Write headings in a conversational way

Just like the headings used on this numbered list, use punctuation for our headings. Yes, you can use the three dots as well, as long as it fits in with the conversation in the following paragraph. Question marks, full stops—use them. Just don’t overdo it with the exclamation marks.

5. Be professional, never edgy

Nobody likes snarky writers. That kind of writing might have its place in a humorous publication, but not on Koala Rank. Be professional, help people grow and build a career or a business for themselves. Be honest in your writing and show your passion for the topic and teaching it to our audience.

6. Avoid emojis and out-of-place humor

Some humor is fine, but keep it to a minimum. We’re not trying to run a show; we’re trying to run a business (and help people build their own based on content marketing). Avoid emojis, memes, and gifs that aren’t related to the topic, or anything that is over the top in nature.

The six points highlighted above are the best representation of our tone as a company and as a brand. Do not stray away from this tone, and keep it consistent if you’d like to write multiple blog posts for us.

Topics we care about

We don’t write about anything and everything that falls under the “marketing” spectrum. Instead, we focus on the technical and business side of content marketing for B2B firms: content upgrades, marketing automation, lead nurturing, content production, etc. We don’t expand into paid marketing.


Here are some topics we like:

  • Digital strategy (positioning, pricing, and messaging)
  • Content strategies for B2B firms (buyer persona, tone of voice, and editorial calendar)
  • User experience design (responsive design, content layout, readability, etc.)
  • Content marketing for B2B firms (keyword research, traffic potential, content ideation, etc.)
  • Marketing automation and workflows (newsletters, content upgrades, lead nurturing, etc.)
  • Content management systems (mostly WordPress but also HubSpot)
  • Analytics, monitoring, and reporting (KPIs, budgeting, goal setting, ROI, etc.)

Topics we don't care about (yet)

There are some topics that we want to avoid in the marketing world, specifically those which have lots of content published from top-tier companies such as HubSpot. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecommerce and B2C (we’re strictly B2B)

  • Graphic design and web development (our only concern is with UX design)

  • Podcasting and video (currently we only offer written services)

  • Technology topics (infrastructure, cloud, programming, etc.)

Formatting guidelines and CTAs

This is all handled internally. If you’re writing a piece of content for us, simply understand that we love complementing writing with a highly visual experience. Keep that top of mind when you’re writing for us and feel free to add comments on where to place images or design assets. 


When you’re contributing to the blog, you don’t have to write content upgrades that are connected to the blog posts, but it’s important to make sure that what you’re writing fits with our business and what we offer. Feel free to submit your post with comments if you deem it appropriate.


The submission process

If you’re ready to submit your blog post, simply send it our way at [email protected]. Don’t send topic ideas or half-finished posts. We never publish without your permission. Instead, send a short bio with your personal website (if you have one) and one page you’d like us to link back to.


Don’t forget to include a square picture for your bio. The background must be white and your face should be clearly visible and well-lit. If you don’t have pictures with a white background, you can modify and enhance them using software tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva.


We love working with writers that have an innate passion for content marketing and are eager to help business owners learn about marketing. We’re more than happy to build relationships with writers for multiple collaborations if we find them to be a great fit for our blog and our mission as a company.

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