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Automatically generate 100s of leads for your B2B firm with our managed plans

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For startups and larger projects, request a fully-custom proposal.

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Either we meet your goals or you get 1 month free*

If we don’t reach your quarterly base goals, you get one month of service for free. No questions asked.

All plans come with

1. Guarantee

All we care about is delivering results so we never compromise on performance

2. Client area

Get access to your own client area to manage your project requests

3. Consultations

You have two one-hour strategy calls available each month

4. Source files

All project files are 100% yours and are delivered to you through your client area for easy reference

5. Unlimited support

Ask any question via our live chat bot in your client area or send us an email to a dedicated address we'll provide**

"I was paying twice as much
for half the services before hiring them."
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Growth ≠ Chance

Scale your B2B firm with content that drives real business value

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on your project, there may be a fee to set up the minimum requirements for your strategy. These are mandatory as they lay the foundations for long-term performance. If you have doubts, we can schedule a 45-min consultation to discuss the details.

The content is outlined internally from our strategists and then sent out to writers who specialize in your industry or niche. This is with no exception. We don’t delegate content to non-native speakers nor do we cheap out on writing. We care about the quality of our written content most and that’s where our process shines. Let us know what niche you’re in and we’ll find the perfect writer for you.

Once the first consultation session is scheduled, it’ll take us around one week to get the content strategy ready. The strategy is then reviewed with you during a live presentation call or through a video recording sent out via email. After the strategy is completed, you can expect the first post to be ready for publication in about a week as well, giving us plenty of time to prepare for other posts.

No. A long-term content strategy requires a thorough research and planning process with multiple blog posts and other site content connected to each other. By writing blog posts one by one we would not be able to provide the same value or growth.

Absolutely. You get to decide who gets to put the name on the content we produce. If you’re the founder of the company and you need a stronger online presence, we’ll get your name, your profile picture, and your bio directly on each post. You can also choose to mix the content between various team members who might be more experienced with the subject matter.

Business-to-consumer marketing isn’t our expertise but we might be able to serve your specific niche depending on the type of content they are looking for. We cannot create product descriptions or optimize for e-commerce however as that is out of the scope of our services.

Yes. We are more than happy to sign an NDA if you need peace of mind. Of course, we love sharing stories about customer success, but we won’t do it unless we specifically receive permission. We perfectly understand that some content should be kept under your own name rather than ours and you get to choose whether you’d like to share your success with other Koala Rank fans.

* Must meet requirements

** Available Monday through Friday

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