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Our blogging guidelines.

Koala Rank is built on creating and promoting amazing content. This means that we have a commitment and a responsibility to go above and beyond with our content creation process. We want to create content that resonates with our audience persona and which helps them grow effectively.


Note that “effectively” does NOT mean faster sometimes. That’s why our motto for the blog is to “build your online audience faster better,” which goes in line with our company mission to “build online audiences that care about your brand”. Long story short, our blog is important to us, and we have high expectations.


If you want to get featured on our blog just because you want a backlink to your website, or if you want to get featured with us just because you want to get out there in front of a wider audience and enhance your reputation, please look elsewhere. We can spot a bad piece of content in a matter of seconds.


If you’re looking to write content that serves as a way to help our target audience grow professionally instead, you’re more than welcome to send us an email with your best writing—SEO research and search intent analysis included. We do not give out tips and tricks on how to get featured with us.


If you want to learn more about how we write, feel free to browse our blog and get a sense for what we like and what we don’t like. In the following sections, you will get a full rundown of best practices for the Koala Rank blog as well, but it doesn’t hurt to read one of our pieces in case you’re serious about writing for us.


All content on our blog should answer two fundamental questions for our audience persona in the first few lines: “Will reading this provide real-life value? And if so, how long will it take me to study this post properly?” Answer both questions in your introduction in a conversational way.

Our audience persona.

We have ONE audience persona. We do not currently write for multiple types of people; instead, we focus on one type of person and one specific problem. Feel free to download and study the official PDF file. Once you’ve given it a look, keep these points in mind when writing:

  • Time is always scarce for our persona, so stick to the point and deliver value as soon as possible. Never let the person get away from the post without getting the answer they were looking for. We encourage putting the answer at the very top of the post in a tl;dr version if relevant (a list, a relevant video, etc.) and then expand on it below with examples and use cases.
  • They have an entrepreneurial behavior, so talk to them as if you were talking to somebody who is just about to build their business, but hasn’t started doing so due to circumstances related to their work.
  • Our persona is aware of content marketing, but they’re not a professional (yet). They’re likely writing content for clients on freelancing platforms or providing some kind of service related to marketing and content creation. They’re currently unsure whether content marketing is a smart career to get into, so they’re looking for comfort in knowing they are doing the right thing getting into this world. Don’t overdo talking about this though; simply mention it briefly once in a while.
  • While thinking about content marketing as a service for their clients is enticing, our audience mostly wants to learn how to do it for themselves by starting a blog or an entire business around it. For them, it’s a trial-and-error process; they are willing to spend time trying things out. Encourage this kind of behavior in your writing!
  • Lastly, we are looking at somebody who’s not 100% committed to content as a career or an entrepreneurial path yet. They are exploring their choices, and they want to know the numbers behind content marketing. Does it make sense financially? Is it viable for a business? How much time does it take? Is there a way to streamline it? What’s the ROI of it? These questions pop up in our persona’s mind quite often.

This should be enough information to start writing with our audience persona in mind. When you write for us, please always keep the PDF as a reference. Try not to stray away from the main point and give out as much value as you can on the topic you’re writing about. Research the right sources before you write.

Topics we care about.

We don’t write about anything and everything that falls under the “marketing” spectrum. Instead, we cover a mixture of topics from different areas and verticals: business, technology, marketing, and some design (things like user experience and readability). We don’t expand into arts and extremely creative uses of content marketing; we mostly focus on the business side of things.


Here are some topics we like:

  • Building An Audience

  • Increasing Online Visibility

  • Writing & Managing Content

  • The ROI of Content Marketing

  • Content Budgeting

  • Time Management

  • Resource & Asset Management

  • Reaching Out To Publications

  • Retaining User Data

  • Multi-Platform Marketing

  • Editorial Guidelines

  • Team Building

  • User Experience & Readability

  • Blog Management & Website Structure

  • Analytics & CRM

  • Marketing Technology

  • Private Communities

  • Targeting Niches

  • Bootstrapping A Business

  • Tools & Strategies For Startups

  • Personal & Company Branding

This should be enough information to start writing with our audience persona in mind. When you write for us, please always keep the PDF as a reference. Try not to stray away from the main point and give out as much value as you can on the topic you’re writing about. Research the right sources before you write.


Topics we don't care about (yet).

There are some topics that we want to avoid in the marketing world, specifically those which have lots of content published from top-tier companies such as HubSpot. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecommerce & B2C (We’re strictly B2B)

  • Graphic Design Not Related To Blogging

  • Advertising & Paid Ads

  • Gaming & Entertainment

  • Podcasting & Video (For now)

  • Innovation Topics (We’re more about communication)

  • Software Development

  • Pure Technology & “Nerdy” Topics

… and anything that doesn’t have to do with building an audience from scratch and turning it into a lead generation machine. We particularly love to reiterate the importance of strong branding, and we care about empowering people to build a strong brand, not just a strong product or service. Keep this in mind!


Our writing guidelines.

These guidelines are valid across all our communication channels, not just our blog. The seven points highlighted below are the best representation of our tone as a company and as a brand. Do not stray away from this tone, and try to keep it consistent if you’d like to write multiple blog posts for us:


1. Just get to it.

Nobody wants to read blog posts that go on and on forever. Just get to it. Give our audience the answer to their question, then elaborate. If they’re interested in the topic, they will keep reading, and they’ll highly appreciate the author of the post not wasting their time.

2. Deliver unique value in your writing.

Don’t just write because you “have” to; deliver unique value in your writing. Be it from your personal experience, a project that you worked on in the past, or an educated guess, give our audience a unique spin on the topic, but don’t start ranting or bringing in heavy opinions.

3. Be candid and share your expertise naturally.

Write in first person. This connects the audience with your writing, and with the fact that you’re a professional in the field of content marketing. If relevant, let them know something about your professional life, but get back to the topic immediately after. Be candid in your storytelling.

4. Write headings in a conversational way.

Just like the headings used on this numbered list, use punctuation for our headings. Yes, you can use the three dots as well, as long as it fits in with the conversation in the following paragraph. Question marks, full stops—use them. Just don’t overdo it with the exclamation marks.

5. Be professional, never edgy.

Nobody likes snarky writers. Sure, that kind of writing might have its place in a humorous publication, but not on Koala Rank. Be professional, help people grow and build a career or a business for themselves. Be honest in your writing and truly care about who you’re talking to.

6. Avoid emojis and out-of-place humor.

Some humor is fine, but keep it to a minimum. We’re not trying to run a show; we’re trying to run a business (and help people build their own based on content marketing). Avoid emojis, memes, and gifs that aren’t related to the topic, or anything that is over the top in nature.

7. Don't be afraid to use big words... But do so sparingly.

Our audience is smart; they’re writers and—most likely—readers. Feel free to use some relevant industry words or interesting idioms, but do so in a smart way. The key term here is “relevant.” Don’t overcomplicate things. If it fits, use it. If it doesn’t, keep the writing simple.


Try not to stray away from these key points, especially when writing for our blog. We aim to consistently deliver value to an audience of people who take learning seriously. A bit of humour and lighthearted conversation is welcome, but let the topic speak for itself. Never let your opinions speak louder.


Formatting guidelines and call-to-actions.

This is all handled internally. If you’re writing a piece of content for us, simply understand that we love complementing writing with a highly visual experience. Keep that top of mind when you’re writing for us and feel free to add comments on where to place images or design assets such as call-to-actions. 


This is optional and not a requirement. However, we write most content with call-to-actions in mind, so make sure yours is no different. Think about a value proposition that you’re making with your piece of content; what could you add to the writing that would make for an extremely compelling proposition?


When you’re contributing to the blog, you don’t have to write content upgrades that are connected to the blog posts, but you have to make sure that what you’re writing fits with our business and what we offer. Don’t submit a post if we can’t connect a content upgrade to it—we will have to partially rewrite it.


The submission process.

If you’re ready to submit your blog post, simply send it our way at [email protected]. Don’t send topic ideas or half-finished posts. We never publish without your permission. Instead, send a short bio with your personal website (if you have one) and ONE page you’d like to link back to.



Don’t forget to include a square picture for your bio. The background MUST be white and your face should be clearly visible and well-lit. If you don’t have pictures with a white background, you can change it and enhance them using software tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva.



We love working with writers that have an innate passion for content marketing and are eager to help other people learn effectively. We’re more than happy to build relationships with writers for multiple collaborations if we find them to be a great fit for our blog and our mission as a company.