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The content strategy that sells your

A good content strategy always starts with your business model in mind. With one of our B2B strategies, you don’t just get content… You get long-term assets that sell on your behalf.

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The 3 Pillars of a Great
Content Strategy

1. The Buyer Persona

A fictional visualization of your ideal buyer, fully documented

2. The Writing Guidelines

A PDF document explaining how to write to your ideal buyers

3. The Editorial Calendar

A data-driven asset to prioritize content based on business value

Applying best practices from top industry leaders:

First, who are you writing to?

In marketing, it’s crucial that you ask yourself WHO you’re targeting before you jump to any conclusions. Content is no exception. However, researching all the data behind your audience can be tedious and time-consuming. With our buyer persona template, you can get started right away. No boring research process, no time spent wondering who your ideal buyer is.

the buyer persona is the first step for a good content strategy
creating writing guidelines is essential for your content strategy

Second, why should they care?

If you want to convince your audience that your content is good enough, you have to give them a reason to read it. This is done by establishing clear writing guidelines. Don’t know where to start? Always think back to your buyer persona. With Koala Rank, not only are you targeting the right people, you’re also giving them what they want. Does it get any better than that?

Third, what can you offer?

The fun part about content marketing? Your editorial calendar. Here you have all the data gathered from professional tool Ahrefs, Google Autocomplete and other sources to brainstorm potential content ideas and prioritize production based on business value. Created in a sleek Airtable base, your editorial calendar will be your most valuable marketing asset.

a good content strategy requires an editorial calendar
"They've immediately understood our audience which
allowed us to generate hundreds of leads from their content."
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Bilal Mafawalla
Co-founder, Brevity


Our best pre-made templates, ready to use in your operations

sleek view of editorial calendar template

Editorial Calendar Template

Setting the stage for all your production efforts, an editorial calendar can help you visualize your content marketing strategy. Get your template now!

sleek view of writing guidelines template

Writing Guidelines Template

Establishing consistent writing guidelines is crucial to getting your message across. With this template, you can get a kickstart without much hassle.

sleek view of buyer persona template

Buyer Persona Template

Understanding who you’re serving is the first step to any marketing strategy. With this buyer persona template, you are already one step ahead.

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