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The B2B content process that saves you

From consultation to strategy, from strategy to results. This is what a growth-driven content process looks like. And it’s made to fit the needs of your growing B2B firm.

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Our Process

1. Strategy

We prepare your content strategy based on a free consultation

2. Creation

We create the content from top to bottom and edit it on your website

3. Distribution

We distribute your content to generate buzz and long-term results*

Using the right tools to help you grow:

First, we listen to your vision

A B2B content strategy is only so good as the brand that lies behind it. That’s why we lay the foundations by listening to your vision and asking a few questions that’ll take us on the right path. During our consultation session we’ll get to share all the details necessary to make your blog a real success and you’ll get to decide which features are best for your brand.

professional sharing ideas during a b2b content marketing consultation
team managing content marketing data analysis work

Second, we use data to amplify it

Creating great content isn’t just about vision though—it’s also about reaching and helping your audience grow. In the second stage of our service, we use data to amplify your vision and craft content that resonates with your future customers. Once the results of the analysis are in, we research, design, and edit B2B content that both Google and your audience will love. 

Third, we distribute your content

Most content professionals stop at the writing and publishing part. We don’t. Our content distribution services help you spread your message across targeted channels, including email, social, and communities*. We build, nurture, and manage your email list on your behalf so that you can sit back and watch your audience as it grows.

b2b content marketing distribution services in action
"Since we started working with them, the amplification
of our content has increased exponentially."
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Agustín Pelaez
Co-founder & CEO, Ubidots


Content that delivered targeted traffic, subscribers, and leads for our clients

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* Some distribution services are sold separately